Our mission is to provide the people of Israel an easy on and off ramp for anyone who uses or wants to use Cryptocurrencies! We are a fully licensed Exchange, started as a small Programming business!

We are Legal, Safe, Secure, and make it Easy to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ether.

The Bitcoin ATM offers the highest quality and fastest exchange experience possible.

Our Services

ATM Exchange

We believe that Bitcoin ATM’s should and will become as common and useful as Cash ATM’s.

Private Exchange

To protect against Money Laundering and The Support of Terror we require phone verification on ALL transactions. Teudat Zeut, Passport, or Drivers License verification on all transactions above ₪4000/day – ₪9000/day.

ATM Rate

The ATM charges a 5% rate to buy and a 6% rate to sell from the Offical Price at Bit2C.


Create your own wallet and become your own bank!


Create a really strong password, maximize your monies security!

Instant Exchange

Send and Recieve money within Minutes!

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