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Failure is an option by: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

First published in March 2014, in the immediate wake of the failure of Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox

In the free market, failure is always an option. The United States has one of the world’s most vibrant entrepreneurial cultures, where millions of people start small businesses, create new products and invent new technology. Part of the startup culture is the idea of failing fast, failing cheap and failing towards success by learning the lessons taught by failure. Cultures that punish even minor failure in business with shame, exclusion and stigma are far less likely to foster entrepreneurs because they prevent experimentation by making it too risky. READ MORE

Rain or Shine the Bitcoin ATM Market Continues to Boom In

Bitcoin ATM’s have sprung up all around the world found mainly in convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations, etc. There are now a total of 2243 BTMs (Bitcoin ATMs) in total, with the United States leading the way with 76.91% of all BTM’s. The majority of BTMs are one-way kiosks that offer only USD to BTC transactions, yet two-way kiosks are becoming more common and many are beginning to add altcoin transactions. READ MORE

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